Northern Philippines College for Maritime, Science and Technology, Inc.
Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines ((072) 242 5676)
    College Admission 5-12-2023

    How to open LMS Portal? 2-17-2023
Point to the Portals Tab in the right then select Student LMS, or Click the Portals tab then click Learning Management System.
    New Acquisitions for BSMarE 2-11-2023

Cebu Gems proud passers...

    To All NPCMST Students 2nd Semester AY 2023-2023 2-10-2023
School Memorandum

We envision Northern Philippines College for Maritime, Science and Technology to be among the centers of quality education in producing globally skilled, innovative and competitive graduates.
Inspired by this vision, we engage our students in a meaningful learning experiences that would mold them to become effective professionals and workers whose knowledge, skills and values will make them globally competitive in their respective field of specialization.